Scream 4 Movie in the Works?

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Right when the horror genre is finally gaining some credibility again something like this happens. Scream 4? I didn't like Scream to begin with so to drag this movie on any further is ridiculus. According to a scooper at Cinescape it is a go. Heres what they had to say.

"There's talk of a new SCREAM movie, heralded by producer Cath Konrad, that's supposed to get into gear next year sometime," they add. "What upset me was hearing that it wouldn't be a Kevin Williamson - Wes Craven film. It'll be penned and no doubt directed by some other unnamed hack. OK, so as far as [X] knows, it'll have the original cast in it - but who cares if it isn't Craven?! I think they've been thinking about doing another one for a couple of years and have seen a good bunch of treatments...

"And why isn't Williamson involved? He's apparently turned his attention to simply producing stuff. They've put him on another project called BACKWATERS, which is a voodoo-thriller starring unknowns."

Source: Cinescape 


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