Newest Viral Campaign: Case 1017

Posted by: Goon

Viral marketing has been a mixed bag. For some films like Cloverfield the attempt paid off BIG time. Marketing began for that film before anything had even been shot for the official film yet. But it didn't work so well for Snakes On A Plane which ended up tanking at the box office.

Over the weekend a new "youtuber" named Eric Brody began uploading videos to his account. Somehow his video Case 1017 got over a million views in about four days. Something is fishy about that if you ask me. I'm not sure how many people have actually watched it but I have never seen a video get that many hits over a period of four days.

The speculation out right now is this is all a bit of marketing for the upcoming remake of [REC], Quarantine. You can watch the video below and keep it here because apparently he will be posting more videos that he "stole from work" soon.


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