Caviezel Talks Superman Movie

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Jim Caviezel has been rumored to play Superman for a long time. But it would seem that it was shot down from Bryan singer when he said he wanted a fresh face to play Superman. Somebody with no background so that they become Superman, not that you look at the character and say "Nicholas Cage playing Superman, but Cage is Superman." Anyway here is a clip of what Caviezel told IESB in a recent interview.

"There have been no direct talks with Bryan Singer, all talks have been through mediators," Caviezel told the IESB. As in whether or not he would like to take on the challenge of Superman, "it appeals to me a great deal, I haven't seen the script but I do like to play iconic characters, I see the role of Superman as a big responsibility and see it almost as a calling," said Caviezel. 

Source: IESB


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