Back to the Future team Re-Unites for Interstate 60

Posted by: PuppetMaster
Reuniting the creator and stars of the Back To The Future trilogy for the first time since 1990's Back To The Future III, the star-studded comic fantasy movie INTERSTATE 60 tells the story of a young man for whom a simple wish becomes an adventure that takes him on the ultimate road trip down a highway that doesn't exist on any map.

Written and directed by Bob Gale (the Back To The Future trilogy) and starring James Marsden (Enchanted; the X-Men movies), Amy Smart (Just Friends; The Butterfly Effect), Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight; Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix), Michael J. Fox (the Back To The Future trilogy), Christopher Lloyd (the Back To The Future trilogy), Kurt Russell (Death Proof; Poseidon), Chris Cooper (The Kingdom; Syriana) and Ann-Margret (Memory; The Break-Up), INTERSTATE 60 is best described by Gale himself, as a "sort of Gulliver's Travels/Alice In Wonderland trip with some Twilight Zone thrown in."

Twenty-two-year-old Neal Oliver (Marsden) is at a crossroads in his life, torn between his desire to be an artist and his domineering father's wish for him to become a lawyer, stuck in an unfulfilling relationship with his pot-head girlfriend, and constantly dreaming about a blonde girl he has never met. While celebrating his birthday, Neal meets the mysterious O.W. Grant (Oldman), who claims to be descended from a leprechaun and offers to grant Neal one wish. Wishing only for "an answer", Neal is given the job of delivering a package to a woman who lives on the non-existent Interstate 60. Guided along the way by the girl who appears in his dreams, he embarks on a journey that introduces him to a variety of unusual people and circumstances, from a beautiful hitchhiker "searching for the perfect f**k" to a travelling businessman with a psychotic intolerance of liars, from a town completely populated by lawyers to one where drugs and slavery are legal. The question is, will navigating his way down Interstate 60 help Neal finally find his way in life.


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