Coming Soon: A-Team Movie

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According to variety Fox is bringing the A-Team to the big screen. It will be written by Bruce Feirstein who is famous for writing the James Bond scripts. The A-Team TV series ran from 1983-1987 and involved a group of Vietnam vets who are wanted for a crime they did not committ and spend their days helping the innocent while eluding the military.

Apparently the A-Team Movie will reflect issues in our current time. It is going to apparently be less cartoony and much more hardcore. Which should be interesting. Apparently we may even see a few of the A-team bite the dust. As for Mr T, the bad ass of all bad asses, rumor has it he will be in the movie. Film reps the following:

"Mr. T and I had lunch last week, and I'd really like to have him in the movie, although we haven't begun casting," Cannell said. "I always think it's nice to see the stars of the old show in cameo roles in the movie. But obviously he won't be playing B.A. Baracus."

I am a fan of the A-team and look forward to seeing how they spin the movie. My feeling is it will be similar to Mission Impossible.


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