Jessica Alba on Fantastic Four 3

Posted by: PuppetMaster

We caught up with Jessica Alba a week or two back and she talked about the upcoming Fantastic Four 3 which it seems inevitable will be coming. As much as I despised the first movie I have to admit Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was a pretty good movie. We askedher how long till we get Fantastic Four 3 and she told us quote;

I have no idea. I know the writers strike and the impending actors strike has kind of put a wrench in everything production wise. That film takes a lot of prep, a good six months of prep and about six months to shoot. With the strike, I think, maybe it's put on hold.

With Alba about to become the hottest mom on the planet we also asked her about her character being a mom in the comics and if that would be in the third film. She told us;

Little Franklin? Yeah, I think that would be hilarious. He's so powerful, I think that would be a really interesting dynamic, a mother-child dynamic. She's still a superhero but she's super-protective and he's wild, he can do anything and has no sense of what's appropriate, that would be really fun.

I agree that having Franklin in the third movie would definitely have a great dynamic! Here is hoping Fantastic Four 3 is better then the first film and even the second one. That would really make my comic book loving day!


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