Six Clips for JUMPER

Posted by: Michael

From FOX we have 6 new clips for JUMPER and after having watched them damn am I stoked for this movie! Based on the Steven Gould novel, JUMPER follows a young man (Christensen) from a broken home who discovers that he has the ability to teleport. In his quest for the man he believes is responsible for the death of his mother, the kid draws the attention of the National Security Agency and another youth with the same abilities.   The clip embedded below is 'The Fight' the others are below it!

Jumper (2008) : Not the Only One Clip Jumper (2008): This May Hurt Clip Jumper (2008) The Sphinx Clip Jumper (2008) The Fight Clip Jumper (2008): The Lair Clip
Jumper (2008): Help Me Clip Jumper Trailer 2 Jumper Trailer  


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