Local Film Maker to Contribute Video Collection to Hurricane Relief

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Actresses from The Lunar Pack will also be on hand to sign pictures and DVDs 

Tampa, FL---Award winning independent director, Jason Liquori, will be participating in the Halloween Horror Picture Show II on Saturday, Oct. 30, which will benefit hurricane relief. Cast members will be on hand during the event to sign DVDs and pictures from The Lunar Pack collection (a three-story collection about werewolves, all tied together with a narration by horror icon Debbie Rochon). Hollie Winnard will also be on hand to publicize a future feature for Liquori.

Liquori believes he has picked a group of stories with a built in market. "Horror films have an audience searching for new, fun stories," he said. "The Lunar Pack will give people just that, mixing horror with humor and a bit of mystery."

A New York native, Liquori is starting to be recognized at film festivals in his home base of Florida. He received "The Shortie" at the 2003 Showcase Shorts Film Festival for "Hit and Miss." Other shorts have also been shown at festivals in the Florida area.

Ms. Rochon has done more than 100 independent films and was named "Scream Queen of the Decade" in 2002 by Draculina, during a voter poll.

The Hurricane Relief will include all profits from the signings and $1 per DVD. All proceeds from admissions will also be going to Hurricane Relief.


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