Jessica Simpsons Blonde Ambition Poster

Posted by: PuppetMaster
We just got the poster for Blonde Ambition from our friends at There has been no buzz at all for Jessica Simpsons new movie Blonde Ambition. That said a reader today wrote in to inform us that at a test screening it didnt do well at all. In Blonde Ambition A young professional woman (Jessica Simpson) unwittingly becomes the pawn of two business executives in their bid to oust the head of a mega-conglomerate. Sam ( the scooper ) tell us that Jessica's acting was the major downfall of the movie. They also say that the film will now not be getting a theatrical run but rather will be going direct to DVD.

I have never seen a movie that had Jessica Simpson in it so I do not know if she is a good actress or not. I dont buy into this 'pop princess as actress' deal that some studios like to do from time to time. Keep in mind this is all rumor until verified! But it wouldnt surprise me if the movie does go straight to dvd. Tks to Sam for the scoop!


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