Gerard Butler is NOT SabreTooth

Posted by: PuppetMaster

Earlier in the week we told you about a rumor that Gerard Butler was going to be Sabretooth in the upcoming Wolverine Movie. Frankly it was a great rumor and one I really hoped would be true. Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler in the same movie? You really cant top that in my books. Sheila Roberts our LA superstar sat down with Gerard the other day and got him to set the record very clear. When asked about the rumor he said Quote;

 It’s not true. I haven’t even met on it, I haven’t spoken to anybody and I haven’t seen a script. And I think I’m working when it’s going on, so it’s not –

Now that said he is definitely intersted with a catch. When asked if he would consider the role he said quote;
 Listen, I’d be interested in anything up until I read a script.
Would have been great if it was true but sorry kids Gerard says its nothing but an internet rumor.


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