Christian Bale Starring in Terminator 4?

Posted by: Scott
According to the cool guys at AICN Christian Bale is going to take on a lead role in the upcoming Terminator 4: Salvation movie. He will play the role of none other then John Conners. This is HUGE news for the movie and has the potential to make this terminator film the biggest one yet. I am very excited to see where this goes.   You will recall that the movie will be based further in the future and not around John Conner, instead it will be about his protege. So with Christian Bale being tapped to play Conner now it sort of muddies the water on what it will all be about. We already know that Nick Stahl and Claire Danes will not be returning for the film. They told this to sci-fi a year or so ago. Nick also spilled the beans that the plot would take a twist and be based further into the future we just didnt pick up on it. Quote:
"I'm not going to be in T4," Stahl said in an interview while promoting his latest film, the upcoming Sin City. "None of the cast is coming back." Stahl said that the producers' current plans may not even include original Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is now the governor of California.

Stahl added: "The [T4] story is changing conceptually. I believe it's a jump to the future, so my character will be quite a bit older. That's all that I know. So I'm not coming back, which is a drag. I don't know much more than that."
Stay tuned for more! Terminator 4 will still be one hell of a movie.. at least I hope it will be.


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