Amateur Porn Star Killer on DVD Nov 6th

Posted by: PuppetMaster

The cheapest horror film ever made, “Amateur Porn Star Killer”, will be scaring it’s way into stores this Tuesday, November 6, 2007, from Cinema Epoch and Koch Entertainment. Shot in just one night, entirely improvised, and produced with an unimaginable budget of just $45 (yes, that’s right, 45 bucks) the shocker film has taken the horror film community by storm. Many praise it as “very realistic and utterly unforgettable” (Film Threat), “a malevolent classic” (Sex Gore Mutants), “horrified me in a way that no horror movie ever has” (, “unsettling, and downright mesmerizing” (Pretty Scary), “it looks like a real murder” (

Pop Syndicate says director Shane Ryan “has taken a short running time and simple plot and effectively turned it into something not to leave you for quite some time”. Blood Type Online raves about the “dynamic performances” and says it’s “so close to being a masterpiece”. What about this little indie seems to be so great? Is it that is makes one question their own taste in violence in cinema, especially the torture-porn fad? Or is it just another exploitation film itself, praising what many would argue it’s against? You’ll just have to find out for yourself, but be warned, you won’t feel the same after watching this. “Amateur Porn Star Killer” can be purchased at Best Buy, Circuit City, Border’s, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and much more.


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