Team Epic: SuperHero Web Series

Posted by: Scott

In light of their successful pilot, Poetic Licence Productions Ltd. is currently in production on Season One of their original series entitled Team Epic, which will air November 15th, 2007 on the official website

Set in and around the streets of downtown Toronto, Team Epic is a fast-paced live action comedy that provides an original look into the everyday lives of superheroes and how they become the figures we know and revere. While the familiar Toronto locations appeal to and attract local viewers, the show’s creators are intent on reaching a wider audience through its honest, albeit comical, presentation of the human condition in all its complexity. Team Epic features a unique group of characters fighting for justice in a society filled with contradictions. Leading this fantastic team of crime fighters is Captain Epic; a truehearted hero with aspirations of grandeur. After the death of Canada's greatest superhero, Captain Epic joins together an assembly of b-class heroes to unite and defend their country.


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