Risen Indie Zombie Movie Seeks Cast and Crew!

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Risen, an independent zombie film being made in Texas and directed by Damon Crump, is seeking a cast and crew for the movie.  They are currently seeking several cast positions as well as a director and other crew positions.
The movie is fully scripted and is in the process of obtaining local assistance and locations to shoot in.  They already have the cooperation of the local police department and are also seeking assistance (and possibly appearances) from the local Marine Corps.


For information on how to audition for a role or position with the film visit their website at http://www.risenthemovie.com/.


Risen follows Sam and Jenny Mills who drop off their daughter at Grandma's house hoping for a quiet evening alone. Instead, Sam’s brother Nick shows up shattering their quiet evening. Their time alone goes from bad to worse the next day as an apocalypse of the undead erupts to tear the city apart.


Now they must risk their lives fighting through a city overrun by the flesh eating walking dead to find their daughter. When the dead rise, some things are more important that survival.


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