Hollywood RoadShow: Horror for a Great Cause

Posted by: Michael

Hollywood Roadshow, a partnership between Premiere Props and Super Auctions, announced today that the auction of never before seen horror-themed movie props and arcade games has moved to the Slaughterhouse Haunted House in Dallas, TX (2020 Lamar Street, Dallas, TX 75202). Presented by Fangoria, the live auction will take place at the Slaughterhouse Haunted House on Saturday, October 20th with a preview from 8am – 11am, and the auction beginning at 11am. As a special treat, bidders will be able to experience the scariest haunt in Texas and tour the haunted house during the auction.

Film fans and collectors will have an opportunity to own rare costumes and props from fan favorites including the box-office hit Resident Evil: Extinction, Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Whisper, Grindhouse, 1408, Black Christmas, Silent Hill, Dawn of the Dead, Ultraviolet, and War of the Worlds. Also, rare back issues of Fangoria, dating back to 1982, have been added to the list of items up for bid.

Several hundred items from horror classics will be auctioned off with a set portion of the proceeds benefiting the Dallas Police “Assist the Officer” Foundation. The charity auction will feature movie collectibles and props including:

  • Resident Evil: Extinction - Dr. Isaacs' Umbrella Hazmat Suit
  • Resident Evil: Extinction - Alice's (Milla Jovovich) soiled white "American Eagle" tank top.
  • Resident Evil: Extinction – Alice’s (Milla Jovovich) brown snap up short sleeveshirt with matching attached leggings.
  • Resident Evil: Extinction - Alice's (Milla Jovovich) Tan two pocket coat full costume
  • Resident Evil: Extinction - Alice's (Milla Jovovich) screen worn, iconic Red Dress and shorts.
  • Resident Evil: Extinction - Alice's (Milla Jovovich) hero set of Kukri Knives
  • Resident Evil: Extinction - Carlos' (Oded Fehr) knife with holster
  • 1408 – Mike’s (John Cusack) screen-worn costume
  • Grindhouse – Jungle Julia’s white “Austin Hot 505 Wax” t-shirt
  • Grindhouse – Stuntman Mike’s black “American Apparel” t-shirt
  • Halloween – Michael Myer’s soiled coveralls
  • Halloween – Young Michael Myer’s bloody clown outfit
  • Jeepers Creepers II – Creature wing/arm set
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – Pinball machine
  • Tremors 3 – Burt Gummer’s screen-worn sunglasses
  • War of the Worlds – “Common Patriot” statue

Additionally, over 50 slot machines, movie-themed pinball machines and classic arcade games inspired by memorable films including Tales from the Crypt, Pirates of the Caribbean and Spiderman and favorite classics such as Ms. Pac Man, Pac Man, Astroids, Galaga and many more will also be auctioned.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Fangoria for the scariest horror-filled auction ever,” said Dan Levin, Vice President of Marketing for Premiere Props. “Collectors will be amazed with the rare horror movie memorabilia and arcade games that will be up for bid.”

“We are always striving to bring our readers the best when it comes to horror, and the Hollywood Roadshow offers the best horror-themed items,” Tony Timpone, editor of Fangoria. “Fans shouldn’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of Hollywood history.”

All items will also be for sale to the general public via Hollywoodroadshow.com and Icollector.com, with the preview beginning October 20th at 8am and the live auction starting at 11am. The charity auction will be available by logging onto http://www.hollywoodroadshow.com/.


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