John Woo directing new Masters of the Universe movie !

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According to Variety, director John Woo ("Face Off", "MI 2") signed to direct and produce a new "Masters of the Universe" movie. The screenplay for the Fox2000 film, will be adapted by Adam Rifkin ("The Chase").


The first movie-adaptation of Mattel’s Action-Figures came out in 1987 (directed by Gary Goddard), with Dolph Lundgren starring as "He-Man" and Frank Langella as "Skeletor".


I hope they have enough money for the new "Masters of the Universe" movie, because I don’t want to see another cheap time travelling story, like in the first one. It would be really cool, if the whole movie will be placed on "Eternia", showing the battle for "Castle Greyskull" and the magic sword.


Source: Variety


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