Greys Anatomy Season 3 Extended DVD Review

Posted by: Scott
I am a bit slow on this review, new guy on the job and so much to do and learn. I had a chance to checkout a copy of Greys Anatomy Season 3 on DVD. I have to start with the fact I have never in the past watched a single episode. I am a guy ( the name should probly give that away ) who figured Greys Anatomy was for chicks. All the McDreamy nonsense.
I was actually quite wrong. Greys Anatomy is actually a really great show. I am a big fan of HOUSE and I am willing to say that Greys Anatomy is a better show then house. The stories are more 'real', the acting is top notch and although it does have a soap opera element to it, the real hospital jargon plays well into the folds of the story.
It isnt often that I find a TV show witty. Most my favorite shows are far from it. I am a BattleStar Gallactica kinda guy but I appreciate some great witty verbage, its why I am a huge Tarantino fan. Greys Anatomy has some talented writers with some great episodes and great writing without feeling like its the same old cliche TV nonsense.
The cast is outstanding with alot of hot names in it that were not even known before the series became the smash hit that it is with viewers and they really meld well together.  I cant say that one character over shadows the others and the ensemble cast. I think my favorite characters is Katherine Heigl. I enjoyed watching her on ROSWELL and frankly I felt she was a looker but not so much an actor. I was mistaken. She really shines in this show bringing out a much deeper character then I thought she could handle. Frankly overall I cant come up with anything bad to say about Greys Anatomy Season 3. I may have been a doubting male who felt it was tom foolery, but I am now a fan wondering if I should pick up Season 1 and 2 to catchup on missed pleasure.

Grey's Anatomy: The Complete Third Season - Seriously Extended includes 25 one-hour episodes on 7-disc DVD plus hours of exclusive bonus features including four extended episodes exclusive to the DVD and "Making Rounds with Patrick Dempsey", in which viewers join Dempsey on the race track. Cast and crew members share their favorite scenes in "Good Medicine" and "Prescription for Success" introduces how a new character is created and integrated into the show. Created by Shonda Rhimes ("Introducing Dorothy Dandridge"), Grey's Anatomy won a Golden Globe® this year for best TV drama and a 2006 Emmy® for outstanding casting.


  • Four Un-cut, Extended Episodes Exclusive to the DVD
  • "Making Rounds with Patrick Dempsey"
    Join McDreamy on the race track for his favorite hobby
  • "Good Medicine"
    Cast and crew share their favorite scenes
  • "Prescription for Success"
    A look at how a new character is created
  • Audio Commentaries


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