World Premiere Clip From Grinder

Posted by: Goon
Today Director Richard Clark, Jr. posted a blog which includes a world premiere clip of his film Grinder. The blog just so happens to be hosted by our sister site Clark's film is taking part with the MTV television show MADE where a young actress will audition to be in the movie. The episdoe along with the clip is set to air on October 30th. To check out the clip and see what Clark had to say about the experience check out

After their final exams, eleven college students plan a road trip to Miami, Florida to blow off some steam. When one of the cars in the convoy is run off the road by a speeding maniac, the group is forced to spend the night in the small Smokey Mountain town of Chapman awaiting the necessary repairs to their car.

Upon their arrival in Chapman, the stranded students learn that the town is occupied by one lone family. This family is the town's name-sake. The town of Chapman has a deserted silence and its stench emanates from a mysterious mill. The town is the self- proclaimed road kill capital of the world. This title is their claim to fame.

The students find a place to stay in Chapman's only motel. The stranded group begin to disappear one by one. The group begins to realize that the smell might not be the only thing rotten about the town.


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