Diary of the Dead - New Set Video hosted by Romero!

Posted by: MacReady
THX to the movies official MySpace site we can show you a new set video for "Diary of the Dead", titled "The Root". Legendary filmmaker George A. Romero hosts this look into the creation of his latest horror classic. And you also can take a look at the first moving images of a zombie! The master of horror returns to the style of filmmaking he pioneered and the genre he invented. In his first independent zombie film in over two decades, Romero takes us back to ground zero in the history of the living dead. George A. Romero's "Diary of the Dead" will have its World Premiere at this years 32nd annual Toronto International Film Festival.

"Diary of the Dead" returns to the beginning of the living dead outbreak - telling the story of a group of student filmmakers who document their deadly encounters with ravenous flesh-eaters just as the world is first plunged into chaos. The film will showcase George A. Romero's renowned sense of diabolical humour mixed with biting social commentary while utilizing the latest in filmmaking technologies to document the rising of the dead!


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