Clive Barker to Remake Rawhead Rex

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A scooper over at AICN recently attended a Clive Barker signing where he picked quite a bit of into. First of all he mentioned his "Tortured Souls" project which should be getting done here soon. He has already turned in the script and wants to shoot for a very hard R rating and than release the DVD as NC-17. He also wants to use as little CGI as possible.

Next up he would like to remake his film Rawhead Rex. He wrote the story in his Books of Blood but he would like to do the character justice. Here is a clip from the aritcle on AICN.

Rawhead Rex from the Books of Blood will be remade. Although Mr. Barker is credited as writing the original he was not happy with how it turned out and wants to remake it. He describes Rawhead Rex as a "9 ft tall phallus with teeth" and the story concerns Rawhead being accidentally resurrected in a small English town where it proceeds to use it's intelligence and hunting skills to devour the local population, especially it's children.

Source: AICN


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