Duchovny Performs Californication

Posted by: Jerrica

A while back, I wrote about David Duchovny signing up for a Showtime series about a man drowning in his womanizing while obsessing over his ex and trying to be a father to a teenage daughter. Well, if you wondered what happened to project, wonder no more. “Californication” premieres Aug. 13 at 10:30 p.m.

Hank Moody is a “one hit wonder” as the show’s Showtime homepage proudly proclaims. With a quick trailer showing Duchovny falling onto a couch with a dozen different women and then trying to be affectionate with his daughter (whose look seems blatantly modeled after Pauley Perrette’s character Abby on “NCIS” in the scenes here) played by Madeleine Martin. Other cast includes Natasha McElhone (“The Truman Show” and “Laurel Canyon”), Madeline Zima (appearances on “Gilmore Girls” and “Ghost Whisperer”) and Evan Handler (appearances on “24” and “Lost”).

Showtime is clearly betting on the series, evidenced by its running of a provocative Adam and Eve ad campaign, featuring both Duchovny and Mary-Louise Parker in the nude, he with a shiny red apple and she with a large snake wrapped around her and a certain leaf tucked in her hair to signify her series, “Weeds,” one of Showtime’s most successful original series and certainly most high profile right now. So placing “Californication” right along side it, linking the two, as if Duchovny’s new show was a sure-fire hit, demonstrates an obvious confidence in this freshman series on the part of its network. Visit ShowTime to watch the preview


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