New Indie Zombie Short: Long Time Dead

Posted by: Michael
We just got our pretty hands on a new short film that pays homage to George Romero. Its a short called Long Time Dead. Long Time Dead is a personal homage to director George A. Romero and his body of work including Night of the Living Dead, Dawn and Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead and his upcoming Diary of the Dead.
Inspired by the whit, wisdom and encouragement of independent filmmaker David "The Rock" Nelson, writer/director of Devil Ant, Devil Ant 2, Vampire Woman and Conrad Brooks Vs. the Werewolf, Schwickrath set out to finish a film that he began nearly ten years ago. Filmed in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania during 1998-1999, the footage was recently discovered and edited to represent the closest "final cut" version of writer/director Craig Schwickrath. Go check it out! Be warned it is a graphic short film!


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