Milla Jovovich Interview, Resident Evil Extinction

Posted by: Michael
We got to sit down with the lovely and very pregnant Milla Jovovich to talk Resident Evil Extinction. Milla is quite well known for her roles in Resident Evil but she has also been a shining note in The 5th Element. Although she has had some less then stellar films like UltraViolet I am still a huge fan. Charming, good looking and talented she brings the complete package to her newest film Resident Evil Extinction.  
The third and final installment of the $100 million "Resident Evil" hits, "Resident Evil: Extinction" is again based on the wildly popular video game series and picks up where the last film left off. The film comes to cinemas September 21st.   Alice (Milla Jovovich), now in hiding in the Nevada desert, once again joins forces with Carlos Olivera (Oded Fehr) and L.J. (Mike Epps), along with new survivors Claire (Ali Larter), K-Mart (Spencer Locke) and Nurse Betty (Ashanti) to try to eliminate the deadly virus that threatens to make every human being undead... and to seek justice. Since being captured by the Umbrella Corporation, Alice has been subjected to biogenic experimentation and becomes genetically altered, with super-human strengths, senses and dexterity. These skills, and more, will be needed if anyone is to remain alive. Here is what she had to tell us.  
How are you surviving?  
In my condition? [ Laughs ]  Good! I am having some problems getting from point a to point b. I read all these stories about how active Naomi Watts was till the last few weeks and I'm like god you know thats incredible because I just feel like i can hardly movie. I am swollen and like everything. I cant hardly make a fist [ Laughs ].  
Considering your on screen persona in this film is it weird to be in this condition right now and at comic con?  
Especially here! I really don't feel like I belong. Should I really be here like this? (pregnant) I feel like I might scare people away. (laughs)  
So why were you ready to revisit this character and do resident evil extinction.  
You know its funny because when I read the first script I really wasn't because Paul had sort of written me as this monster type and I said no to the movie. So they rewrote everything and then I read it again and was like, oh ok this is really good. I had a lot of fun reading it and you know gosh after you have been doing this for 5 years how can you sort of say goodbye especially if you like what your character is doing. Just the thought of a 3 DVD box set was fun and you know it just seemed like kind of well rounded to make the 3rd movie.  
Do you like zombie movies?  
I dont really watch zombie movies. I mean this is kinda what it is for me. It is very much in its own world. Me and my brother used to play Resident Evil the game all the time which is how I discovered this whole world. I never watched zombie movies but I played the games with him.  
How have you along with the character changed over the last 5 years?  
Well I think the character has definitely had some enormous changes as well as myself. You know in the beginning she was very naive. She was very innocent and you know once she gets her memory back and understands her role in this whole accident and disease breaking out you know I think she goes through a lot of self hatred.
I think in the second movie she really hates herself in that sense and she really does not know what to do about those feelings she just knows that shes a monster in a sense and I think through the third movie shes chosen to isolate herself from the people she cares about in a way shes trying to redeem herself. Me personally I have had a lot of changes I have had to deal with. I have had to deal with the death of a friend, starting a clothing line which is incredible, now getting pregnant. Its quite a ride!  
How have you been able to balance all these things?  
I do not know once babies here what its going to be like. It kinda has to happen. I imagine in a perfect world I can keep working for the next 3 years or so. When she starts pre-school is when I will take time off and really be with her. I figure as long as she can come with me I can work still and do all the things I did before.
When she has to stay in one place is when I will take time off. I figure I will be 35 at that point and will have been working at that point 25 years in this career and you know I can take a break and just be a mom for 5 or 6 years. Come back a sexy older woman.  [Laughs]
You always play larger then life characters, why is that?  
Well I do not know. I guess you know people like to see me in these extraordinary characters you know, anything that is sort of made in a laboratory is sent to me you. Its unfortunate because I have done quite a few independent movies, I have done comedies, different dramatic roles that people just don't get a chance to see since these movies get out to a bigger audience. But I do a lot of different stuff in my life. Everything I do is stuff I believe in which is why I think in a way I am still here working and still have interest in it.  
Do you still do music or have you given up on that?  
You know for me music has always been a personal experience for me. When I recorded my first record 10 years ago it was very hard for me. I was made to focus on music as business and I felt like my whole life was always a business. Every part of my talent was somehow exploited in a career sort of way. So after I promoted my first record I sort of said you know what, thats it.
Suddenly there was just a lot of pressure to do things I didn't want to do and make compromises. So now I just record stuff and put it on my website, people can download it for free. I do stuff for my friends, I record stuff on soundtracks I do shows and stuff. Its much more personal and a lot less career oriented.  
How did doing your own stunts in Resident Evil compare to your previous work?  
Its interesting because these knives that I use in the film are Tibetan weapons and are actually one handed knives. The fact they have never been screened before, this is the first time the weapons have ever been filmed and for me to have two is super violent and super insane.
Not even the Tibetan monks thought of this. I have to say i love them and I had so much fun working with them. They are so versatile. You can slice, you can hack, you can spread mayonnaise with them, slice cucumbers, de-bone chicken. Its like one of those really versatile weapons I just love.  
Did you take them home with you?  
Oh you kidding? I have them... I do ! I have so many weapons at home its hilarious. People come over and I will show them off and be like whats up? You want some juice? Especially while I am pregnant. Its just the funniest thing to see this wobbly pregnant thing all with her knives going, whats up?  
Its relaxing. For me martial arts is something that is really amazing and really focuses my mind and relaxes me. I was saying earlier I went through the death of a friend and it was really the only thing that brought me out of my depression was doing the martial arts and sort of conquering challenges that I didn't think I would be able to conquer and then doing them. I love it its such an amazing sport.  
Are you doing any other work?
Well I have this film I was going to do with director Paul Verhoeven which I should be shooting right now but I had to cancel a film this year so they will be moving it called the Winter Queen based on a Russian novel. So hopefully if he has the time and everything goes as planned we will do that next spring maybe early summer. So for the moment I might do a small part for Wim Wenders again he has a film he is working on he wrote a part for me pregnant into it.   
Have you done any special training in martial arts for film ?  
Yeah in every film we do different kinds of training. That is what is so fun in doing action films. Every time you learn a different kind of weapon and a different style. I have done everything from Wu Shu which is a Chinese martial art to KungFu which is a different form of chinese martial art, there are quite a few types of chinese martial arts. Laughs. You have karate, TaeKwanDo and the weapon work which is in my film ultraviolet we did alot of Wu Shu which is very flowery and very graphic.  
In Resident Evil its a bit more TaeKwonDo a bit more kicks a bit more street fighting. Everything has its special style and I have been very lucky because of course when you do the hollywood martial arts thing you learn a whole spectrum of differnt things its not just one which I love because it keeps my interest going. You get to really learn lots of different ways of moving and being it all represents a different mindset in a way because you have to move your body differently. I think its very important to get in touch with your body and know how to take on a certain stance or how to be more graceful in another way. It just gives you many more options on how to be in this world.


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