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This movie is based on real events taking place in the early till mid 1970’s. The movie tells the story of the last official Exorcism in Germany, and the following "Aschaffenburger Exorcism Lawsuit".


Laura Linney (Apsolute Power, Mystic River) and Tom Wilkinson (Shakespeare in Love, Batman Begins) will star in the movie.  Linney will play an attorney who defends a Catholic priest (Wilkinson) who has been charged with the negligent homicide of the 23 year old Anneliese Michel, whose Exorcism he presided over. The case reawakens faith in the lawyer.


The movie is a co-production between Firm Films and Lakeshore Entertainment. Firm Films just wrapped the Rob Zombie-directed "The Devil's Rejects" for Lions Gate Films.The shooting is set to begin in November in Vancouver BC, with Scott Derrickson (Hellraiser:Inferno, Ghosting) directing for Screen Gems. Derrickson also wrote the script together with Paul Boardman.


Source: Dark Horizons / MacReady


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