I’ll See You In My Dreams Zombie Movie Added

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Today I was browsing some forums and stumbled across a new, VERY cool looking, indie zombie flick entitled ‘I’ll See You In My Dreams’.  The movie is straight from Portugal and the project has a long and daunting history but it seems to be nearing completion.  I have to say props to the makers of this film for their persistence in getting it finished and released.  It looks absolutely outstanding and really is a testament to the devotion these guys have for the genre.


Apparently this movie has been making quite the impression on horror and zombie film fanatics as it won the gold medal at the most recent Fantasia Film Festival!  I cannot wait to see this movie for myself! 



The story is basically set in an isolated village in the middle of the country.  The village is constantly threatened by zombies since ancestral times and it’s inhabitants are used to the creatures.  Lucio, one of the village inhabitants, is fearless enough to fight the living dead, but has been shunned by the villagers.



The reason they have shunned him?  Well it seems as though Lucio murdered his wife (when he caught her in bed with her lover) and instead of disposing of her corpse, locked her up in the basement.  She has now transformed into (you guessed it) a zombie.  Lucio, trying to forget his troubles, goes to the local bar and falls in love with Nancy.  The love, however, is threatened by the undead jealousy of his now zombie wife.  Will Lucio be able to handle these problems with the power of a gun and a cutlass?


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