LongFord on DVD June 19th

Posted by: Michael
HBO is bringing LongFord to DVD June 19th. The film explores the extraordinary and controversial friendship between British Lord Frank Aungier Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford (Broadbent), and one of Britain’s most notorious criminals, the child murderess Myra Hindley (Morton). A devout Catholic, Longford often visited prisoners because of his passionate belief in forgiveness and society’s need for prisoner rehabilitation.
Set in the last three decades of his life, the drama recounts Longford’s now-infamous meetings and correspondence with Hindley, which incited widespread public outrage. At first, grateful for Longford’s efforts, Hindley seems to make progress in her return to the church. Later, she turns on his charity and the truth about her involvement in the child murders comes to light. Longford struggles to find faith and forgiveness as his religious beliefs are tested and his good name is further damaged by public scrutiny.


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