The Sarah Connor Chronicles Trailer

Posted by: Jerrica

The trailer for "The Sarah Connor Chronicles” has already hit online. The preview shows heavy influence from the films, especially "Terminator 2: Judgment Day” of course. Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker, who play Sarah and John Connor in the series, certainly seem to know their characters well enough.

The scene-stealer of the trailer is certainly Summer Glau as the friendly terminatrix apparently sent back to help John and his mother protect the future and its hero. Clearly, "Firefly” and "Serenity” played a great part in landing Glau the role, because she has been cast as one hell of a fighter. The beginning that the trailer paints seems to showcase her as the initial hero of the show, which would certainly be a nice refreshing touch to keep the familiar material from seeming dry and becoming dull after the pilot.

The promo features some nice special effects considering its for a television production, but of course the budget and schedule probably won’t allow for the kind of production values fans have come accustomed to that made the second "Terminator” film the blockbuster that spawned this new series. My expectations aren’t high, but I want to see a consistent standard of quality and interest upheld, and if Glau is killed in the pilot or a few episodes in, an asset to the show’s foundation may be lost. The trailer makes me feel confident, but not confident enough to bet on "Chronicles” just yet without knowing where they intend to take this and if it stays on the same old road or if it will become something dynamic and more exciting.


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