Captivity Comes Out From Behind Billboard Controversy

Posted by: Jerrica

The After Dark films horror flick "Captivity" starring Elisha Cuthbert, best known as Kim Bauer on "24" and for her lead roles that followed in films like "House of Wax" and "The Girl Next Door," has been hit with the one of the most recent outcries against torture and its depiction in entertainment. "24" and "Lost" have already taken a lot of criticism this year for their use of torture, particularly as an interrogation tactic. The movie that’s been stirring up scandal over it’s depiction of violence was cited by MPAA for its advertising campaign as opposed to its actual content, as they decided the movie would not be rated for 30 days, pushing the limit of the film’s release set for May 18.

"Captivity" seems to be on schedule nonetheless. This is despite the heat it took, according to an article at SpokesmanReview, from parents and the MPAA by running ads on 30 billboards in Los Angeles and 1,400 taxi cabs in New York, all of which the studio was forced to pull. The billboards showed a woman being kidnapped and tortured, and they bore the movie’s tagline, "Capture, Confinement, Torture, Termination."

However, now the trailer is available at Crave Online, bearing the same tagline and showing very little of the movie’s content, least of all to be outstanding in any graphically violent way. The preview carries a good creepy mood but is mostly flashes and Cuthbert’s on-screen sex appeal being exploited a la "House of Wax." Personally, judging by the teaser that is the trailer, I think it seems awfully tame for all this controversy by most horror buff standards, especially when you consider the contemporary examples of the "Saw" movies, but of course "Saw" didn’t have an ad campaign that kicked up dust like this. The point will be moot soon when the movie opens with some residual hype that will probably only help it, but I can’t imagine it will prove to have helped any more than it hurt.


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