Meet The Robinsons Contest Winners

Posted by: Michael

I have finally gotten to picking the winners of our Meet The Robinsons Contest. When Lewis meets a mysterious boy from the future named Wilbur Robinson, the two travel forward in time where Lewis discovers the amazing secret of the Robinson family.

Lewis is an orphan who dreams of finding a family. His journey takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious stranger named Wilbur Robinson whisks him away to a world where anything is possible…THE FUTURE.

There, he meets an incredible assortment of characters and a family beyond his wildest imagination, The Robinsons, who help lead him on an amazing and hilarious adventure with heartfelt results. We have a grand prize and also runner up prize packs up for grabs. The Prizing is:

  • Grand Prize : limited edition MEET THE ROBINSONS digital frame (image below)
  • Runner Ups: MEET THE ROBINSONS Prize Packs
The winners are:
  • Margretha Z
  • David G
  • Kristen  
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