Win a Hitcher Prize Pack!

Posted by: Michael
We have a huge new Hitcher Horror Prize Pack we are giving away consisting of more horror dvds then you can shake a stick at. The prize pack will consist of: Hitcher on DVD, Slither on DVD, Cry Wolf on DVD, a hitcher T-Shirt, and The Return. To enter this one is a fun one.
The Killer is in the house—do you run up the stairs? Out the back door? You’re trapped in a hotel room with no phone there is a killing-psychopath hot on your tail—take a shower? Take a nap? If you’ve ever said, "I totally wouldn’t have…” to a movie then this contest was built for you.

In the blood-drenched, action-packed movie The Hitcher, Sophia Bush and Zachary Knighton battle a hitchhiker turned psychopath killer played by Sean Bean. In order to survive this terrifying game of cat and mouse the two road trippers must outsmart and outrun the hitchhiker. Are YOU up to the challenge?

If you think you’re ready—read the following scenario from The Hitcher and tell us what YOU would do. Be honest, be creative and dare to survive! We’ll submit your answers and the most original, creative and entertaining answers will be posted on the site and score you a Hitcher shirt and DVD thrill pack! After you rack your brain, click on the links to see how The Hitcher played out. Ready, set… let’s ride.

Scenario A: "The Hitcher”: You’re driving down a desert highway, drowning in the darkness all around you. The rain is pounding on the windshield as the wipers furiously beat it away. Your passenger stirs to your right, probably dreaming about the hot Spring break in your near future. Suddenly your headlight beams illuminate a shadowy figure on the side of the road—you swerve to avoid slamming into him and 360° across the road! The screeching and scrapes jolt your friend awake and you explain the shadowy figure. Did you hit him? Does he need help?

Your cell phone signal is out. What do you do next? Write a few sentences on what you would realistically do in this situation and email it to us. Press play on the clip below to see what happened in the movie.
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