Ray Winstone joins Indiana Jones 4.

Posted by: Michael
Ray Winstone has just signed on to play a major role in the upcoming Indiana Jones 4. No word on exactly what role he will play in the film but it is safe to say he wont play young indiana, since he is a wee bit old. Ray Winstone has been in alot of flicks lately including The Departed and Chronicle of Narnia.
Well, everyone has their ideas about what "Indy 4" will even be about, because details on even that much are sketchy, but the rumor mill is turning over again and again with talk of who should play Indiana Jones Jr. should there be such a role in the film. Shia LaBeouf’s name has come up several times in the Hollywood machine contributions to the Internet rumor mill, but there’s another name that’s been thrown into the mix that’s far more worthy.

If you know Harrison Ford as Indy, then you know him as Han Solo too. If you know Joss Whedon, you know Captain Malcolm Reynolds, which means you know what I’m talking about when I drop the name Nathan Fillion as my ideal candidate for Indiana Jones’ son. Connections have already been made among the fans between Han and Mal. Hell, Ford and Fillion even have similar facial features and ruggedly handsome charm with the adventurous rogue radiating from their on-screen presences.

Ford and Fillion could easily be "Last Crusade" the next generation with Ford now in Connery’s role, and Fillion easily stepping in as his son. Not only does the generation gap suit them just right off-screen to complement the on-screen, but they have similar wits and senses of action and humor. Seeing these two teamed up in this way would be this fangirl’s dream come true. Of course, since we still know practically nothing, for now it’ll have to remain just a dream of the fans, because there’s no telling what they’re plotting, much less who they’re casting.

All is unknown and unconfirmed to this point. But, can’t they seriously consider Fillion if they are giving Indy a son? Pretty please? Because this isn’t just online fannish buzz; there’s limitless potential there that’s keeping the dream alive. The power of the Force is with this one.


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