Halo Movie in 2008

Posted by: Michael
Its official, or at least it is on IMDB. The Halo movie will be coming in 2008. Whats that mean in the big picture? Not a whole lot. No studio attached, no director, ( althought one is rumored ) and I have no idea what the script status is.  
A few months back An exec from Microsoft sat down with MTV to talk about the XBOX and a bunch of other topics but the one we care most about is his discussion of the Halo movie and just frankly re-enforcing the fact the movie is nowhere near becoming a reality now.
What he would confirm about Jackson is that the "Halo" movie the filmmaker is signed on to produce won't be happening any time soon. In the last few weeks the studios financing the film backed out, and Jackson said the project would be on ice until new funding came in. "While we have no deals to announce, everyone in Hollywood is looking at it," Moore said, adding that "several studios" have gone to Wellington to check out the work that's already been done. Gamers will just have to wait. "For the magnitude of what the script is — I've read the screenplay — and what we need to do to uphold the 'Halo' universe for its legion of fans in the way they want to see a movie being made, no, it won't be next year."
So yes kids, its safe to say that after hearing it from everyone you could possibly hear it from, HALO is dead.


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