A Possible Lead for Flash Gordon?

Posted by: Jerrica

If you’re wondering who will be cast in the title role of Sci Fi’s new series, "Flash Gordon," you’re not alone. The Sci Fi Channel is currently looking for its "Flash Gordon" star, and rumor has it over at CinemaBlend.com that a fairly unknown by the name of Chris Showerman is apparently up for the part. Chris Showerman.

The newcoming actor appeared in 2003’s straight-to-video "George of the Jungle 2," and he’s had one-shot appearances on FOX’s primetime teenfest, "The O.C." and "CSI: Miami" in the last few years. This would be a lightning leap into the forefront for Showerman and place the future of "Flash" in his hands. So if they are talking about him, I hope Sci Fi has a lot of confidence because his background doesn’t give us much to judge his potential.

After some confusion caused by the TV Blend report, Clint Morris, Showerman’s producing partner, sent a statement to the site for clarification, and here is part of what it said; "Chris is shooting something for our company at the moment, so I'll respond to this on his rumour on his behalf. He hasn't got the role of Flash Gordon - but yeah, he is one of a handful of young actors that are being considered. It depends how young they decide to go with the character. So no, he hasn't got the role of Flash Gordon - he's just a contender." Morris went on to say, "He appreciates the vote of support with "Flash Gordon" though... he's a big fan." That is, at the very least, always encouraging to hear.


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