NBC’s Medium Sees David Arquette Directing In Its Future

Posted by: Jerrica

The NBC paranormal primetime crime drama "Medium" that stars Patricia Arquette will soon see one of her other four Arquette siblings on the set. The star’s brother David Arquette is best known for his goofy roles in films like "Eight-Legged Freaks" and "Never Been Kissed" but probably best known as the bumbling but good-hearted deputy Dewey who defied death against all horror movie odds in the satiric "Scream" trilogy. And, now David is set to direct an episode of his big sister’s hit TV series.

Sci Fi Wire quoted Patricia on her baby brother directing; "I was always a bossy little girl, and being David's older sister, I've bossed him around quite a bit. Now that he'll be directing me it will be payback time. I think it will be really interesting being directed by David, because he knows me so well and I feel so safe with him. I think I'll be able to go to some of my darkest places." On a side note, their report includes that Miguel Sandoval, who plays Arquette’s boss, District Attorney Devalos, will be getting behind the camera this season as well.

As for David, he seems to be taking to the behind-the-scenes end of show biz lately. The youngest Arquette has limited directorial experience so far, namely "The Tripper" which is set to be released this April, in which he also starred and simultaneously directed his wife and "Scream" co-star, Courtney Cox Arquette, and his older brother Richmond. So, David has experience directing family, but "Medium" is unlike anything else he’s ever done, so this should prove a challenge, and I’m very interested to see the result.


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