Bruce Lee's Return Halted

Posted by: Goon
Awhile back we told you about Bruce Lee's comeback to modern cinema. Yes, despite the fact that Bruce passed away in 1973 Rob Cohen had figured out a way to bring him back. The whole idea was to use a new technology using CGI and some of Bruce's old films to but him in a new film directed by Cohen called "Rage and Fury".
The film would have Bruce Lee playing a ghostly mentor to a young martial artist. For quite some time the Lee family was attached to the project to maintain the integrity of Bruce Lee's good name. According to this podcast it appears that Linda Lee has finally gotten her head screwed on straight and has decided to withdraw from the project thus leaving the film dead in the water.
So for now every Bruce Lee fan can breathe a sigh of relief. But what concerns me more about this is that it almost happened. This leaves me to wonder what is going to happen in the future. Will we soon see more projects propping up like this? Hopefully not but only time will tell.


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