Dougray Scott rumored Next James Bond

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This morning I received an email from a moviesonline scooper indicating that Dougray SCott has been chosen as the next James Bond. Being perfectly honest I have no clue who Dougray Scott is, so I had to do some looking.

Dougray Scott is said to have gotten the part after talking to the long timer producer Brabara Brocoli and convincing her that he is the right spy for the job.

There were alot of names being tossed around for this movie which we were reporting on this site throughout the last few months. From Eric Bana ( Eric Bana is Next Bond? ) to Orlando Bloom ( Orlando Bloom to play Young Bond? )

Pierce Brosnan a few months back seemed quite pissed off that they were so eager to retire him without even talking to him. ( Pierce Brosnan Signing off on James Bond? ) At that time everyone and there brothers name was attached to this movie. We will have to wait and see how Dougray Scott does with this movie. He is a brit, he is almost 40, and should be suave enough to pull the role off.

Lets all just stay tuned to see what happens. Got something to add? Email



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