Are We There Yet? Special Edition on DVD March 20th

Posted by: Michael
Starring Ice Cube and Nia Long, the hilarious road-trip adventure Are We There Yet? returns to DVD on March 20, 2007 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.  Included on this special reissue is a Sneak Peek of the sequel Are We Done Yet?, which arrives in theaters April 2007.  In Are We There Yet?, Ice Cube stars as Nick, a wild-living bachelor who hates kids: "Children are like cockroaches," he says, "except you can't squish 'em." After meeting the lovely mother Suzanne (Nia Long), however, he agrees to take her children on a road trip in an effort to woo her.  Little does he know that the kids have a plan of their own: To thwart mom's attempts at romance at any cost. A hilarious, heartwarming fun family adventure, Are We There Yet? will be available for the SRP of $14.94 and will include all original DVD bonus features along with the Sneak Peek.

Permanent bachelor Nick Persons (Ice Cube) runs a sports-memorabilia store and treats his Lincoln Navigator like a spoiled child. But as for real children, he stays far, far away. Until, that is, he meets Suzanne (Nia Long), who runs a party-planning business across the street. After giving her a ride one night, he is quickly interested in more—so interested, in fact, that he agrees to take her rowdy children on a road trip as a favor. What he doesn't know is that the children, still hopeful Suzanne will reunite with their deadbeat father, will stop at nothing to keep their mother from dating anyone new. As Nick fights to reunite the children with their mother in time for New Year's, he also fights to survive a series of slapstick adventures involving everything from a boxing deer to a vengeful trucker who’s convinced Nick is up to no good.


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