Rose McGowan replacing Jolie in Sin City 2?

Posted by: Stanch

So we all know that Angelina Jolie has been busy and that has been supposedly holding up Sin City 2. That and the fact Rodriguez is busy doing Grind House. But a rumor has started circulating the web that Rose McGowan or Rachel Weisz will star in Sin City 2 and REPLACE Jolie. My money is if it does happen its gonna be Rose. She is already working with Rodriguez and I am sure is like Taratino and loyal to his regular crew ( which she might be part of now ).

Frank Miller's 2nd foray into Sin City will have Nancy avenging Hartigans death by killing off the rest of the Roark family. This story apparently has been confirmed by Frank Miller.

There will be 2 more stories. One will be about Nancy avenging Hartigan's death by killing remaining members of the Roark family. Miller says this will show "a whole new side of Nancy." This story has been confirmed as one of the main stories for the planned movie Sin City 2. There will also be a prequel story for Sin City 2 and on top of that 3rd story which we don't know about.


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