Supernatural Returns with an Answer

Posted by: Jerrica

It’s been described by many as "The Hardy Boys Go Ghosthunting." The underestimation of this show is underlined by that title the media has given it. While it certainly evokes that feeling, there’s much more depth to this CW series than meets that lazy nickname. "Supernatural" stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers on a mission to fight ghosts, demons, and things that go bump in the night. They save people while hunting these big scaries, and while that might sound much more like an episode of "Buffy," it sans the campy, sometimes kiddy feeling that kept that particular WB show from being taken more seriously.

The show has some great qualities reminiscent of "The X-Files" such as Mulder’s loss of his sister and his quest for answers and her abductees being equivocal to the loss the Winchester brothers suffered of their mother, who was inexplicably killed when they were infants by what they have since learned was a demon. Also, there is the loss of Sam’s girlfriend Jessica, which began his journey with his brother Dean to find the thing responsible for her death and destroy it. As Sam and Dean play Mulder and Scully off one another, the urban legends along with the unexplained and paranormal are all given a philosophical and somewhat scientific examination, re-evaluating rules and myths we think we know about creatures like vampires and hellhounds. There is kind of a touch of "Dukes of Hazzard" if you want to look at Sam and Dean as Luke and Bo, and their sweet ride, a black ’67 Chevy Impala, dubbed Metallicar within the show’s fanbase, as the General Lee. But, that says nothing for the show’s psychologically deep and rich characters, not to mention the show being a complex character itself as it has a life entirely its own.

But in terms of what this series is actually like, this is really the closest show to "The X-Files" that maintains a consistent level of quality, not to mention reality. Sam and Dean live in a world with rules, where they are bound by dark and deep-rooted issues and have to consider every angle, where Dean has a criminal charge against him that follows him everywhere and doesn’t conveniently go away, as seen in a special episode that aired this fall starring Linda Blair called "The Usual Suspects." This show doesn’t dismiss the world we live in or take it for granted, as some have complained about similar shows. The series comes from a cool new direction, which is exemplified by its classic rock soundtrack alone, which also showcases how it stands out from the rest. Many believe, and I agree, that it’s one of the most underrated shows on television, and it deserves the attention and credit that it has been earning more and more with each and every episode.

"Supernatural" is in fact a very serious show with its share of levity, pop culture, and unique spins on old tales. It gets lumped in with teen horror TV, but it’s written brilliantly and it’s acted wonderfully. And, this season it is outshining its fresh and exciting freshman season. In its second season, "Supernatural" has not only defied the sophomore slump, but it has excelled to the top of its game. Their father died in the Season Two premiere, trading his soul to the demon that killed his wife and their mother in order to save Dean’s life. And if that wasn’t enough, before dying, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, whom many, including myself, would love to see return to reprise his role in some way) revealed a secret about Sam to Dean, which Dean has kept to himself. Until now, that is. In the fall finale, Dean told the little brother he has always protected with his life that their father told him something about Sam. This was after Sam had been exposed to a demon virus and somehow proved immune, having shown signs of telekinesis and having visions linked to the demon that singled him out and killed the women who loved him.

That last new episode, "Croatoan" (another brilliant take on an unsolved mystery that piques the curiosity in us to this day), literally ended with a question, and when "Supernatural" returns this Thursday, January 11th on The CW at 9PM Eastern Time, Dean will be stuck having to provide an answer. What did John Winchester tell Dean about Sam and his true nature? We may not find out right away, but the start of Sam’s search for who or what he really is gets underway with the all new episode "Hunted" this week, right after an all new "Smallville." If you’re not already tuning in, give this one a chance, because you just might be very surprised by how this dark and intense yet fun show grabs you.


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