Armed & Famous: Celebrity Cops Reality Show

Posted by: Michael

Dancing is for wimps! Five brave celebrities will train to become sworn police office with the Muncie Police Department in Indiana. Wee Man, Trish Stratus, Jack Osbourne and Latoya Jackson are just a few that will be becoming real life cops. And yes kids, I am afraid and will be avoiding Muncie at all costs! They will help clean the streets by arresting the bad guys, including drug dealers, hookers and johns, wife-beaters, burglars, the drunk-and-disorderly and more. Who are these brave new recruits? International television star Erik Estrada ("CHiPs”), singer and author La Toya Jackson, moviestar and professional skateboarder Jason "Wee-Man” Acuna ("Jackass”), television personality Jack Osbourne ("The Osbournes”), and seven-time WWE champion wrestler Trish Stratus will venture into the streets to serve the people of Muncie.

But first, they will go through intense police training to become cops. They will learn everything from firearms to hand-to-hand combat; they’ll even find out what it is like to be on the receiving end of a taser! Upon completion of their training, they’ll be issues badges and guns and will be partnered with veteran officers to hit the streets of Muncie. Funny? Often. Emotional? Yes, and in surprising ways. Serious? Always. To these five celebrities, serving the people of Muncie is an honor that equals or surpasses anything they’ve experienced previously. Watch as they step up to the challenge of being… Armed & Famous. The show airs on CBS Jan 10th at 8pm EST.


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