Jonathan Liebesman Directing Friday the 13th Remake

Posted by: Stanch
Johnathan Liebesman will be directing the upcoming FD13 Remake with one big catch. As long as he is not working on another project. We caught up with Brad Fuller & Andrew Form and they let us know they would love to have Jonathan do the film, but it all comes down to his schedule. They also let it be known that if all goes as planned the film will drop into theatres November/December of 2008.
Not much is known about the movie except that the movie will focus on hockey mask killer Jason Vorhees doing his usual thing. Which actually has already put an interesting twist on this "re-make" as the original movie had Jason's mother as the suprise killer. Whether or not they intend to go with the supernatural origins of Jason has not been confirmed.
The reason for production being stopped is reportedly an issue with obtaining the rights to the series. It makes me wonder exactly what kind of creative liberties they are planning to go with in this movie if the folks who own the rights aren't willing to sell out. They already have on numerous occasions already.


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