Gladiator 2 Casting? Unlikely

Posted by: Stanch
SpringBoard casting has re-ignited the rumor that Gladiator 2 is preparing to start filming with a blurb on their website Quote:
Gladiator 2 Casting
The sequel to Gladiator is due for a hopeful release date in late 2006 / early 2007. Filming will most likely take place in Athens, Greece and the UK. The film will be based around Roman politics, senators, generals and praetorian guards and not so much focus on the gladiators*
The question becomes is Gladiator 2 really coming? Perhaps, but I question it since its 2007 and the note says 2006 is when filming could start. Who knows, but to me I wont be putting to much merit in this just yet. ( via FilmStalker )


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