Seven Swords DVD Specs & Artwork

Posted by: Michael

We have the DVD specs and Artwork  for the upcoming release of Seven Swords on DVD on Jan 16th. In the early 1600's, the oppressive Manchurians had taken over sovereignty of China and established the Ching Dynasty. Seven Swords tells the heroic tale of seven master swordsmen who denounce the brutality of the newly formed government and band together to prevent the slaughter of innocent villagers by the evil warlord.

DVD Special Features:

  • 7 Deleted/Extended Scenes
  • Audio commentary with director Tsui Hark and Hong Kong Cinema Expert Bey Logan
  • The Making-of Seven Swords Featurette
  • 4 Behind-the-Scenes featurettes
  • Storyboard Gallery
  • Trailers and TV Spots
  • Interview Gallery:
    • Dreamweaver: An interview with Tsui Hark
    • Destiny of the Dragon: An interview with Donnie Yen
    • A People’s Champion: An interview with Zhang Jing-chu
    • The Celestial Beam: An interview with Duncan Lai


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