Star Wars 7, 8, & 9 already in Production?

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According to MovieHole's inside sources in Hollywood the movies are well on there way to being made. A couple weeks ago word was out that they had to sign confidentiaility agreements, which was quickly swept under the rug by LucasFilm. But recently word has gotten out that something is defintely going on.

This week however I've talked to two very, very reliable insiders - one studio based, another connected to the cast of the original films - who claim that Lucas is indeed going to be doing the three sequels. "They're happening. They're already happening", one said "The three films are all in various stages of development as we speak. They're keeping them quiet for the meantime I believe, but Lucas has four more Star Wars films to deliver to Fox".

Another rumor another day. This battle of whether or not their are going to be sequels is really getting crazy. One day you hear yes, the next day you hear no. Well IESB reported a few weeks back that the sequels could be animated, but we haven't heard anything on that front since.

Source: MovieHole


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