Interview: Marysia of The Forsaken Forest Movie

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I recently emailed the talented and attractive Marysia of 'The Forsaken Forest' to find out from her about the Forsaken Forest and she got right back to us to let us know exactly what this movie is all about. We recently ran into a big name in the movie who referred to it as "crap" and that kinda took me by surprise. Marysia makes clear this movie is a horror fans dream. Here is what she had to say.

The film is based around a large forest inhabited by creatures said to be fallen angels, expelled from heaven by God for being infected by human lust. These beautiful creatures have the ability to spellbind anyone who looks at them, so that they surrender completely to their rather messy fates. After their camper van crashes, a group of teenagers are stranded in the forest and go in search of help. Let's say there isn't much to be found. They do find a house inhabited by one man, played by Tom Savini, but he is obsessed with the angels.

I play one of the main fallen angels, there are three main angels and two others (although I believe one scene may have some extras as well).

Filming is being done in the New Forest and Wales and should be completed by the end of this month. The finished product should be available in video stores across the UK sometime next year, the directors last film ("Darkhunters") has just been made available as a video rental.

As to what to expect of the film... lots of gore and lots of pretty girls. And really, what more do you need from a horror movie?

BTW, I should tell you that the 1st draft script you have has been greatly rewritten and has a completely different ending among other things.

Thanks to Marysia for taking the time to get back to us and share with all you avid fans what is happening with this Horror film. I know I look forward to seeing Marysia in it and seeing if this movie is as strong as the story sounds.

Marysia is from Europe and has been doing plays, movies and modeling. As if by looking at her photo you had to have me tell you she does modeling. She is also a talented musician. Some of Marysias Past Work & Experience,

  • Film: "Stella Does Tricks" (feat. Kelly MacDonald)
  • TV: "Box of Slice" -Talkback tv/Channel 4
  • TV: "Flowers in the Forest" - BBC2
  • Theatre: "Curses, Foiled Again" - the maid
  • Model: Taylor & Taylor, Drury Lane
  • Extensive stage work as chorus member in operas and musicals* inc cast member in 7 operas
  • Extensive work as glamour and fashion model
  • Featured singer on,,, Indieport and Tucows.
  • #1 Acoustic and #3 World/Folk charts on
  • Take a minute and go visit her site drop her a line, say hello, and just generally enjoy her site.


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