John Connor Cast for Sarah Connor Chronicles

Posted by: Jerrica

As preparations for the pilot for "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" gets underway, the latest news is spreading about the casting for the roles of the main characters, Sarah Connor and her son the future savior of humanity John. Lena Headey has already been cast in the role of Sarah to become the television version of Linda Hamilton’s character from the movies. Headey has appeared in movies such as "The Cave," "The Brothers Grimm," and the upcoming "300."

Now, there is word on the actor who will play John. Thomas Dekker, of eight recent "Heroes" episodes will be playing the leader of mankind’s resistance and rebellion against the machines as played by Edward Furlong in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and Nick Stahl in "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines." The TV series will be picking up after the second movie in the time when Sarah is on the move with her son as she trains him to realize his important destiny.

Dekker has appeared on numerous TV shows before, including one-episode roles on "House," "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," and "Reba," and he’s also had recurring roles on "7th Heaven" and "Boston Public." He also can claim appearances on "Star Trek: Voyager" and in 1995’s "The Village of the Damned" with Christopher Reeve and Mark Hamill. According to, Dekker (currently approaching his 19th birthday) will play a 15-year-old John Connor.

This seems to be placing "Chronicles" five years into the future from "T2" or the year 1999, but the "Terminator" chronology has been muddled through the years and three movies. Since "Terminator" was made and set in 1984 and "Terminator 2" leaps more than a decade into the future to 1995 (approximately), though some accounts put it at 1997 or even later. Going by the film franchise, if you discount the third movie entirely, there’s less to support the possible alternative timelines. But, there is a lot of contradictory info that there are as many as seven different timelines constructed for the "Terminator" mythology at Several of them cite 1997 as the date SkyNet attacks, i.e. Judgment Day. So, knowing all this and realizing John was born around 1984 in the movies and expecting the writers to play with timeset and existing chronology to meet their own needs, it seems difficult to tell where exactly the pilot for "Chronicles" will begin and what kind of timeframe it will be working for its own purposes if John is supposed to be 15.

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