Hostel 2 Release Date Correction

Posted by: Michael
We earlier reported that Hostel 2 was coming to theatres April 5th, 2007 and that was not correct. The distributor for Hostel 2 emailed to let me know its in fact coming out January 5th 2007. Our bad! In other news, and as no shock it is being reported that Hostel 3 is in the works!

For those of you who forget, HOSTEL was about a couple of American frat boys, who stay at the wrong Slovakian hostel, only to become victims to a business where people can pay to torture others.  The sequel will revolve around the same hostel, but this time it will focus on three hot, young, co-eds who get lured into the same trap as there predecessors. The release date for HOSTEL 2 has also been set for April 5. I guess this April it’ll be showers of blood that bring us into the spring!


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