Watch The Hitcher Remake Trailer

Posted by: Stanch
The new trailer for The Hitcher has gone online, via HorrorMovies You can check it out on MSN. The Hitcher has been bumped back to 2007. I am not a big fan of Horror remakes but at least it has a strong studio working on it. Namely Rogue Pictures. There is some wonderment on my part as to whats going on with the movie since it did just recently get its release date bumped. Rogue Pictures dropped us a line to let us know it will now hit threatres Jan 19th 2007. No idea why there is a sudden push back. C. Thomas Howell plays a guy taking a drive-away car from Chicago to San Diego. On a whim, in the rain, and against his better judgment, he picks up a hitchhiker (Rutger Hauer).
The hitcher quickly admits to being a murdering psychopath, and once Howell finally gets him out of his car, he is pursued with all the vengeance of the ancient furies. We're never sure if the hitcher is a figment of his imagination, making Howell a schizophrenic killer, or if he's real and Howell is the random victim of a wandering madman, which is how his potential new girlfriend (Jennifer Jason Leigh) thinks of him.


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