The Poet Begins Shooting in TO

Posted by: Michael

The Poet has begun shooting in Toronto. From the team behind "King of Sorrow" starring Coates and Daans, Simon Williams, Lowell Conn and Damian Lee are producers on "The Poet". Lee will also be directing. ThinkFilm has been signed on as distributor.

"The film represents the power of forbidden love," says Jack Crystal who, at 83, wrote the story of "The Poet" and is thrilled to see it adapted for the big screen.

"The Poet", set in German occupied Poland, is a World War II love story. It revolves around Oskar Koenig (Scarfe), a disenchanted young German officer and a poet by nature, and Rachel (Dobrev), the daughter of a rabbi. Rachel is betrothed to Bernard (Bennett), an Orthodox Jewish man who thinks the world of her. Although not excited by the prospect of marriage, she realizes he would make a wonderful husband. As Rachel ventures home one day, she is caught in a terrible storm and is rescued by Oskar.

Rachel quickly discovers that Oskar and his men have infiltrated the Polish countryside. After a brief but passionate love affair, he allows her to escape as the soldiers take over her village. However, Rachel too has fallen in love with him. After consulting with a rabbi (Roy Scheider, "The Punisher","Jaws"), Bernard and Rachel still decide to marry so that the family can survive.  As the son of General Koenig (Coates), Oskar is lauded by his commanding officer, Colonel Hass (Feore), as one who has the potential to rise in the ranks. Yet Oskar is still at odds with doing his duty or following his heart. His mother Marlene (Hannah) encourages him to seek out Rachel, but his father frowns on any sentimentality especially in times of war. Oskar eventually runs into a very different Rachel by sheer coincidence, and Bernard demonstrates his devotion amidst heartwrenching tragedy. Starring Jonathan Scarfe ("Judas", "Grey's Anatomy", "ER"), Nina Dobrev ("Degrassi: The Next Generation"), and Zachary Bennett ("Stir of Echoes: The Dead Speak", "Cube Zero"), filming will take place in and around the Greater Toronto area.

Supporting cast include: Kim Coates ("Skinwalkers", "Prison Break", "Silent Hill"), Colm Feore ("Bon Cop, Bad Cop", "Slings and Arrows"), Lara Daans ("King of Sorrow", "1-800-Missing"), Darryl Hannah ("Kill Bill", "Silver City"), and Roy Scheider ("The Punisher", "Jaws").


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