Hood of Horror Poster

Posted by: Michael
Just got sent the poster for Jason Alexander's new horror flick called Hood of Horror which stars Snoop Dogg. I liked Snoop's last horror Flick BONES, so dont write this one off. No word on whether its gonna get a wide theatrical release. But I am sure it will do well on DVD with a bit of buzz.
Hood of Horror, a place where revenge is a dish served cold...in a 40oz. The Hound of Hell is your guide through three terrifying tales from this nefarious neighborhood and its depraved denizens, including a tagger who finds out that not all gangstas die hard: a spoiled heir to a Texan oil dynasty who murders for money but can't pay to stay alive; and a major rap star that discovers he's got a few skeletons in his dressing room...and they're kicking down the door. This bone-chilling, gut-bursting (literally) anthology proves, once and for all: "It AIN'T all good in da Hood!"


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